I Hope You

Vote Regularly & With Heart.

I Pledge To Vote In Every Election.

Change happens more frequently than every four years. Your vote is needed at every mid-term election, local or city election. Don't sit a vote out.


I Pledge To Vote For Women, Minority and LGBTQ Candidates.

Our country and communities are diverse and our political landscape should reflect that. Help under-represented voices be heard by voting for these candidates or encouraging people from these communities to run for office.


I Pledge To Vote For Equality, Respect and Inclusiveness.

Support candidates who defend the belief that we are all equal in rights and dignity and should be granted the freedom of worship and expression. 


I Pledge To Be An Informed Voter.

Social media, 24/7 news cycles and content websites fuel misinformation, sensationalism, extremism and bias. Commit to sharing accurate information and recognizing inaccurate sources.


I Pledge to Not Be A Secret Voter.

When you vote, it's to have a voice. However, it's not enough to only let your vote speak for you. In order to affect change, you must show up at community events, call your elected officials and be able to share your perspective respectfully with other voters.