Do All The Good You Can.

I Hope You was born on November 9, 2016 to invest in future female leaders and accelerate their paths to political office and service. We are a purpose-driven brand, whose profits help underwrite strategic programs with women's empowerment organizations in an effort to accelerate women in leadership positions. With our combined efforts, we hope to reach a goal of 50% female representation by 2025.

If the future is female, we need to invest in young women and girls and accelerate their paths to public office.  Our shop, designed by female artists, donates 100% of its profits to fund the girls and young women who will change the world. We work directly with the nonprofits to create programs or scholarship funds that provide direct financial assistance to girls pursuing their dreams. Whether relieving the financial burden of school or buying uniforms, or paying for them to attend a leadership conference, we want to help open access and doors to all the little girls who are valuable, powerful and deserving.

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